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February 26, 2024 Pilates Physique is the leader in Pilates class & pricing options in the area. We do our
  In light of recent happenings all over the country Pilates Physique would like all current and new clients to
Welcome Janet Ceraldi, our studio apprentice. Janet is working on completing her Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates certification. She is also
  • Dear Denise,
    I want to share my good news with you.  As you know, my cancer returned after many years and I now have 9 very small cancerous tumors scattered on both lungs. What the doctor did say was that my lungs are healthy in spite of the tumors and I should keep exercising  along with walking. He was very encouraging and very pleased. I believe that doing the breathing exercises you give during each session is making my lungs strong and that can only help my deep breathing and my stamina. Not only did you help my sciatic pain with exercises to do at home but you now help me to help my body stay strong and healthy.  Thank you for working with me and for helping me grow strong. God Bless
    Great News Pilates Strong
  • Denise is very professional & relational. She makes it a point to know each person’s name and identifies if anyone has any injuries before beginning a class.  Lisa from Denver, North Carolina
    Denise is very professional
  • She really knows her stuff. She has helped me recover successfully from shoulder surgery and helped my chronic back issues. Plus she’s fun. ~Lisa in Davidson, NC
    Denise is Amazing!
  • Denise has a gift for getting you to be fully aware of your body. She is great in her work with equestrians. ~Natural Equestrian in Davidson, North Carolina
    Equestrians benefit from Pilates Physique and Denise Maffia
  • My girls noticed improvement in there flexibility after only one Pilates class. They've been working on splits & immediately after class were able to finally do a full split. So excited! ~HFFA Member in Huntersville, NC
    Pilates helps Gymnasts
  • Denise is incredibly adept & proficient in her guidance & teaching style & guides her clients through  moves tailored to engage the body in a way that makes one feel exhilarated & challenged.  ~Rebecca in Denver, NC
    Long time Joseph Pilates Client….
  • I started Pilates over 2 years ago with Denise & she's helped me transform my posture, lose weight & resolve pain issues.  I highly recommend Pilates Physique! ~Angela in Huntersville, NC
    Pilates Physique is transformational
  • I have been working with Denise for years now. She is amazing and so incredibly knowledgable in her field. I highly reccomend her!!!  ~Melody in Davidson
    Highly Recommend Denise
  • Denise is the best fitness class instructor of any kind that I have ever head. I would recommend her to anyone at any fitness level. ~Kathy in Cornelius
    Denise is the best fitness instructor!
  • Denise is the best instructor you could ask for. Very in touch with each individuals needs and abilities!  I highly recommend Pilates Physique to all!  ~Sue in Mount Holly
    Denise is the BEST Pilates Instructor!
  • I really enjoyed the class with Racine!  She increased the resistance so I felt a challenge both physically and for my concentration. I slept well and felt great the next morning.   ~Kathi in Davidson
    Challenging and supportive!
  • I love this Studio.  Denise is an excellent teacher &has the knowledge & expertise in the the Pilates Method  to connect mind and body! I highly recommend taking a class , it’s fun and a great workout . ~Linda in Cornelius
    Wonderful Studio – excellent pilates teacher!
  • I've  been attending Mat Classes for the past year & have enjoyed learning about Pilates. Denise is a great teacher & advisor.  I encourage others to try a class of hers sometime soon! ~Donna in Huntersville
    Mat Class is my therapy
  • I've never had an instructor whom I respect or enjoy more.Classes are fun, efficient and effective, and I have more flexibility and stamina than I ever dreamed I would after 5 children! ~Amanda in Huntersville
    Enjoyable Pilates Instructor
  • Denise takes the time to get to know her students. She does a great job in modifying your work out to meet your needs. Great instructor. I highly recommend her. ~Diane in Huntersville
    Great Pilates Instructor
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